Core Values

The Jacob Stern & Sons – Texas Manifesto


We believe…

that respect for others is fundamental to everything we do.

that honesty and integrity are essential to our relationships and the foundation for the way we do business.

that our word is our bond. We follow through on our commitments to customers, suppliers and each other—no matter what challenges we may face.

Jacob Stern & Sons Culture Statement

At the end of the day, we are a business with a solemn responsibility to grow and sustain profitability for all stakeholders. Without exception, our success is built by people who [endeavor to] uphold the following key principles:

Take thoughtful action. Consciously employ an organized and systematic approach to business, supported by proactive planning, performance reporting, analysis, and execution in the quest for continuous improvement.

Promote teamwork. Collaborate, communicate, and act in concert to accomplish goals with team members based on a confidence, trust, and accountability to others.

Encourage personal growth. Strive to improve personally, to perform at a higher level, and to inspire and assist others along the way.

Maintain an inquisitive nature. Desire to know more and acquire information to better understand our business, the marketplace and better perform your job.

Add value. Possess a drive and ability to add value to commerce between producers and purchasers.

Do your best and enjoy what you do.